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Firm News

Back To School

Wait a minute, you might say summer vacation has not even started yet, what are you talking about with back to school? Where kids attend school is a common issue in family court. It comes up in two ways, when parents live in different school districts, we need to...

Big Brother is Listening

If you have been in jail or prison, or know someone who has, you know how important phone calls are. When you are locked up the phone is your lifeline, your connection to loved ones, family, and your attorney. What many people do not know is that, in Minnesota at...

How To Turn The Temperature Down

I am not talking about the temperature outside, which certainly does not need to go down anymore. Family law cases often involve a lot of emotion, anger, and disagreements that turn personal. One of our most important jobs as attorneys is to turn the temperature down,...

OJ trial part 2, why did the jury find OJ not guilty?

I am one who respects the jury system. It is easy for someone to watch a thirty second soundbite on a case and think they know more about it than the jurors who listened to the entire trial. In the OJ case, we now know a lot more than the jury knew at the time of the...

Kimberly Potter Trial- Understanding Sentencing 101

Many of you probably watched the Kimberly Potter sentencing on Friday or heard about it. Her trial, and the trial of Derek Chauvin last year have provided rare windows for the general public into how real trials work, not the fictional kind we see on TV shows....

Don’t take the rule of law for granted

This is a good time, a year after the assault on the capitol, to think of what the rule of law means to all of us. The system is far from perfect, I have seen judges, governors, legislators all make mistakes, and do things that I do not agree with, they are human....

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