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One of the toughest aspects of my job is telling people that they may not get everything they are asking for. The Judicial branch seems formidable from the outside, imposing courthouses, strict rules, judges in black robes. For those of us who do not work in the court...


Believe it or not, summer is over halfway through and school is just over a month away. In many separated parent situations, where the kids attend school is a major issue. The kids may just be getting to the age where they start school, or, parents may have moved into...


A nurse I know recently retired after decades of kind and devoted service. She barely had time to enjoy her well-deserved break when she want back to work administering Covid vaccines. She returned because her neighbor had died from Covid, and she felt that she needed...


After more than a year with a moratorium on almost all evictions, Minnesota's eviction moratorium is ending. The end does not mean that evictions can go ahead as they did before right away, over the next several months there is a transition period, called an 'off...

Relax and Enjoy Time Away

I had a great time this weekend riding the Freedhem 76 put on by my good friend Don Griggs. Don volunteered hundreds of hours of his time to put on a first-class gravel bike race just down the road from Brainerd in Freedhem. Myself, and many of you have jobs that are...

Being Prepared

The end of a parent’s life is a stressful time for everyone in the family. There are numerous decisions that have to be made, questions to answer, and forms to sign. The last thing any child of a parent who has recently passed wants to think about is “What are we...

Does my existing court order work across state lines?

It happens all the time, someone has an order in one state, they try to enforce in another state, nothing happens. Clients ask me why, we are all one country, states are required to honor the laws of other states, when we drive across state lines we do not need to get...


Often after a high profile case we hear the losing party saying to the media that they will appeal. It is often said with confidence, as if an appeal is a fresh start, a do over with a better judge, jurors, etc. Reality, an appeal is not a do over, courts of appeal do...

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