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Firm News

Don’t take the rule of law for granted

This is a good time, a year after the assault on the capitol, to think of what the rule of law means to all of us. The system is far from perfect, I have seen judges, governors, legislators all make mistakes, and do things that I do not agree with, they are human....

You may be a landlord without knowing it

Many people become landlords without planning to, or even knowing it. If you let someone move into your house, even with no lease, and no rent being paid, they become tenants because they are living there. Minnesota law defines a tenant as anyone residing in a place,...


Watching a trial on TV can make it seem free form, like people can say anything they want on the witness stand. In real life trials, there are strict rules about what can and cannot be said. Rules, called the Rules of Evidence determine what can and cannot be said....

Can I sue someone for saying bad things about me?

It is a question that I get all the time, someone is frustrated that someone is bad mouthing them on social media, or around town to their friends, family or co workers. Free speech rights make it difficult to sue someone for bad mouthing you, but, not always...

Eviction Rules Update- What You Should Know

We had yet another change in Minnesota eviction rules this month. As of October 12, almost all of the remaining eviction limitations were ended. Landlords can now evict for any reason, except, that in unpaid rent cases if a tenant has an application for rent...

Safety Precaution Notice

I would like to thank all of our clients and everyone at the office for allowing us to continue to operate the office safely, while meeting all of our client's needs. Despite Covid levels in this area at their highest since the pandemic started, not one of our staff...


One of the toughest aspects of my job is telling people that they may not get everything they are asking for. The Judicial branch seems formidable from the outside, imposing courthouses, strict rules, judges in black robes. For those of us who do not work in the court...


Believe it or not, summer is over halfway through and school is just over a month away. In many separated parent situations, where the kids attend school is a major issue. The kids may just be getting to the age where they start school, or, parents may have moved into...


A nurse I know recently retired after decades of kind and devoted service. She barely had time to enjoy her well-deserved break when she want back to work administering Covid vaccines. She returned because her neighbor had died from Covid, and she felt that she needed...

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