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In Legal Trouble After Visiting Brainerd Lakes Area? Our Firm Can Help.

The Brainerd area thrives on tourism and visitors from elsewhere in Minnesota. Particularly during the summer months, the local population can be outnumbered by people coming to stay at their lake cabin or a local resort or coming to watch the NHRA Nationals at the Brainerd International Raceway.

Unfortunately, relaxing and having fun while up in Brainerd can easily result in legal trouble. If you are facing criminal charges after visiting Brainerd, the attorneys at Ed Shaw Law are ready to provide knowledgeable and local representation backed by more than 40 years of combined legal experience.

Common Charges Tourists Face

As in many other parts of the country, alcohol and drug offenses are common. These include drunk driving (DWI/DUI), drug possession, and driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

We can help you contest or otherwise resolve drug and alcohol-related charges, as well as any others, including:

  • Vandalism and property crimes
  • Shoplifting and theft offenses
  • Disorderly conduct (fighting, noise violations and other public disturbances)
  • Assault and violent crimes
  • Weapons offenses
  • Sex offenses
  • Traffic tickets and moving violations

No matter what you’ve been charged with, we will take the time to examine the details, inform you of your options for resolving them and discuss the likely outcome of any option you might choose.

Why Local Representation Matters

If you live in the Twin Cities but get charged with a crime in Brainerd, do you need to hire a Brainerd-based attorney? Legally speaking, the answer is no. But from a practical standpoint, it is a wise idea. Here are a few reasons why we are a good choice:

  • We know all local courts and have excellent professional relationships with prosecutors, judges and other legal colleagues.
  • We can easily make court appearances as often as necessary, and you won’t be charged for travel time and expenses (as you might be with a non-local attorney).
  • We can give you an accurate assessment of how your case is likely to play out based on our in-depth knowledge of police and court practices in the area.

Depending on the facts of your case, much of our work with you can be done remotely, reducing the number of non-leisure trips you need to make to Brainerd.

Learn More About How We Can Help During A Free Consultation

Ed Shaw Law has offices in St. Cloud and Brainerd, and we can serve the defense needs of clients from across Minnesota and beyond. To discuss your case with an attorney for free, reach out online or call 800-507-0352.