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Violent Crime Lawyers Delivering Strong Defense For Violent Crime Charges

When you are at risk for violent crime charges, you need violent crime lawyers who know the best way to avoid a conviction or jail time.

You want to work with violent crime lawyers who have a proven record. The best criminal defense attorneys also understand the local court system, judges and prosecutors.

Violent Crime Lawyers Experienced In Brainerd, Grand Rapids And St. Cloud Criminal Courts

At Ed Shaw Law, we know what tactics local law enforcement uses to get convictions. We also know that criminal prosecutors will go hard after you to prove the charges against you. From the very start, you have things stacked against you: The other side assumes you are guilty and looks for evidence to prove it. You might also have a harder time because you’ve been profiled due to your race, culture, economic status or education. We know how to work through these obstacles.

Violent Crime Lawyers Skilled At Many Types Of Criminal Defense Cases

A violent crime charge means that law enforcement believes there were threats or force used. If you are facing violent criminal charges, this can mean felony charges. Felony charges can mean large fines, jail time and a permanent record as a felon. This can interfere with your ability to get a job, get housing, see your kids, own a gun and travel.

We have experience with many types of cases, including:

  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Battery
  • Weapons crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault

Aggressive Violent Crime Defense In St. Cloud And Brainerd

Don’t trust your case to just anyone. Work with an attorney who knows the system, the courts, and the legal players. Hire an attorney who will question the evidence, fight unreasonable charges, and work to ensure you have a future that does not include jail time or loss of necessary rights and privileges because of a criminal record.

At Ed Shaw Law, we understand that even a misdemeanor charge is worth fighting. We also understand that consecutive DUIs require special handling. We work to get these charges dismissed or reduced to preserve your rights and driving privileges.

Call Ed Shaw Law For Proven, Affordable Criminal Defense In Brainerd

Get a solid, aggressive strategy for your criminal defense. Work with an attorney whose goal is to get you a positive result. Call Ed Shaw Law at 218-825-7030 for a free consultation. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 507-779-6767. Or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are committed to making our services affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. We offer affordable fees and accept all major credit cards, Visa, MC, Discover, and AMEX. 10% Discounts offered to all Military/Veteran, HealthCare Workers and Teachers. This offer may not be combined with any other discounts and is good only on date of hire. Discount is not retroactive. We serve the St. Cloud and Brainerd areas of Minnesota.