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Skilled Defense For Minnesota College Students Facing Criminal Charges

Last updated on September 21, 2022

College is a time for exploring new experiences and enjoying newfound freedoms. Unfortunately, it is also a legally dangerous time for college students, many of whom still think and act like teenagers but will be charged as adults if they break the law.

If your son or daughter attends St. Cloud State University or another area school and has been charged with a crime, contact the attorneys at Ed Shaw Law as soon as possible. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience representing clients of all ages, and we will work tirelessly to protect your child’s freedom and future.

Assessing The Charges And The Potential Consequences

We can help your student contest or otherwise resolve a wide variety of criminal charges, including those related to:

  • Underage drinking (minor consumption)
  • Attempting to purchase alcohol under the age of 21
  • Using a fake ID to get into bars or liquor stores
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Drunk driving (for students over 21)
  • Driving with any alcohol in one’s system under the age of 21 (violating Minnesota’s “Not-a-Drop” law)
  • Drug possession
  • Possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription
  • Drug sales or intent to distribute
  • Assault and other violent crimes
  • Rape, date rape and other sex offenses
  • Theft, vandalism and other property crimes

In addition to criminal consequences like jail time, probation and fines, a conviction could result in disciplinary hearings and consequences imposed by the school, including loss of scholarships, suspension or expulsion. We understand the risks your student is facing, and our attorneys will advocate aggressively to mitigate the damage of these charges.

If securing an acquittal seems unlikely or is impossible, we will explore all other options, including eligibility for pre-trial diversion programs and other prosecution alternatives.

There Are Benefits To Hiring Local And Trial-Ready Attorneys

If your student is arrested late at night and you live well outside the St. Cloud area, you may not be able to be there for them during this scary and stressful experience. We can. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day and, when called, we will quickly meet your student at the police station or jail where they are being held.

As the case progresses, our in-depth knowledge of local courts, prosecutors and judges will be an invaluable resource. We can explain all of your options and give an honest assessment of how the case is likely to play out. Although no attorney can make promises of an outcome, knowing what to expect is often a major source of relief.

Finally, we have more than 27 years of criminal law experience. While most cases can be resolved without a trial, we are more than ready to represent your student in the courtroom if trial is the best or only option.

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