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Coronavirus Impact and Assurance: Yes! We are still open for business!

For the last year, thanks to the hard work of all of our staff, and you, our clients, no one who works at this office has gotten Covid while working here, and we have not spread a single case to any of our clients, while getting all of our client's legal needs taken care of. With the spread of vaccination the end is in sight, normal times where we can meet our clients in person in the office are just around the corner.

During the transition we will be having some in person, in office appointments for clients who have already been vaccinated, and for whom the CDC recommended period of time has passed since their last shot. Of course, for anyone who would prefer a phone or video appointment for safety, convenience, or any other reason those types of appointments are always available.

For our clients who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle phone and video appointments are of course available, and, with the return of warm weather we will again be offering outside appointments under the tent right outside our front door. For all appointments, masks will continue to be required.

Through the transition safety of all staff and clients will continue to be our top priority, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Please see our blog for more info on pandemic response.

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Protect Yourself And Your Family Against Domestic Abuse

Restraining orders, or orders for protection, can provide some safety and peace of mind for victims of domestic violence, assault and stalking in Minnesota. In general, you can apply for a restraining order for up to two years, which may then be extended if necessary.

A restraining order can prevent the abusive person from being in contact with you, entering your home or workplace, or having contact with your children, among other things. At Ed Shaw Law, we are committed to helping people get the full protection they need in abusive situations. We’ll make sure your restraining order covers the full extent of the protections you need.

Can I Get Restraining Orders To Protect My Children Too?

Parents or guardians may also apply for protective orders on behalf of minor children. If you are worried that someone poses a danger to both you and your children, you may want to consult a lawyer about protective actions you should take in addition to filing for restraining orders. For example, you may need to modify a custody arrangement.

We’ll Help You Get The Protection You Need

You do not need to go through this on your own. We’re here to help you through this tough time and get the protection you need for you and your children. For a free consultation with a family law attorney, call Ed Shaw Law at 218-825-7030 or send us an email. We have family-friendly offices in both Brainerd and St. Cloud and can also provide a free consultation over the phone.