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Assisting With Real Estate Concerns

Real estate law can seem broad and complex, but it is important to know your rights as a property owner, landlord or tenant. Our founding attorney Ed Shaw has been a real estate investor for over 22 years, even before he was an attorney. Ed has a deep understanding for real estate law from the practical, real-world perspective as well as his legal grounding.

At Ed Shaw Law, we offer comprehensive guidance on real estate law issues to individuals and business owners in the Brainerd Lakes area, as well as in St. Cloud. We are able to assist with matters concerning both residential and commercial property, including:

  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Buying and selling real estate, including disputes between buyers, sellers and realtors
  • Contract for deed
  • Real estate litigation
  • Homeowner and contractor disputes
  • Zoning issues

Legal Solutions That Change When You Do

When facing a divorce or planning your estate, you’ll need to determine what will happen to your property. Our firm’s experience in family law, estate planning and business law complements our real estate law services, allowing us to find wide-ranging solutions for our clients.

Work With Lawyers Who Understand The Lay Of The Land

We’re a well-established Brainerd firm, and we know our surrounding communities well. In addition, Attorney Edward Shaw is a licensed Real Estate Broker. We understand the quirks of properties in our part of Minnesota in a way an outside real estate attorney never could. Give us a call to discuss your situation at 218-825-7030, or send us a message online. We’re committed to offering accessible, affordable legal solutions.