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Success Stories

Felonies Dismissed

State v. Anonymous

Client charged with two serious felonies, and two other charges. Attorney Ed Shaw employed an expert and investigator and prepared a vigorous defense after the matter was scheduled for jury trial. A week prior to trial, all charges against the client were dismissed. The client could not have asked for a better new year’s gift.


By Ed Shaw / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Civil

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client needed assistance removing an individual who had moved into his house, was threatening the client, and refused to leave. With a quick filing of an eviction the individual was removed with no harm to the client or damage to the property.


By Ed Shaw / 2019/ Shaw Wins, Results, Civil

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Regional property management company with mult-unit properties located in several Minnesota cities assisted with removal of problem tenants from recently purchased properties they were seeking to improve. After the properties were cleaned up the quality of life for other tenants, and cash flow for the properties were both greatly improved.

Supervised to Unsupervised Parenting Time

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Family

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client sought help with parenting time. After several months of hard work we were able to move parenting time from supervised to unsupervised, allowing our client to have a normal relationship with the children again.

Custody after Relapse

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous, client faced motion for change of custody after a relapse. Working together, attorney and client convinced Court that client was serious about sobriety and was allowed to retain custody of the children.


By Ed Shaw Law / 2017 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client faced well to do adversary with prominent position in community, and deep pockets. Client and attorney secured good custody and property division award, and, after the divorce was over, defeated two requests by other party to change custody.

Change of Custody

By Ed Shaw Law / 2018 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client came to office looking to see his son, parents of mother were denying him all contact. After several months of hard work by client and attorney, an order awarding him custody was issued, and his son is doing very well with him.

Theft by Swindle – Not Guilty

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Theft

State v. Anonymous

Client charged with Theft by Swindle. High level local police official with support from local prosecutor invested hundreds of hours in attempting to convict client. After extensive pre-trial proceedings, case was tried to a jury. After just over a half hour of deliberation the jury returned with a not guilty verdict.

Assault with a firearm – Not Guilty

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Assault

State v. Anonymous

Client charged with Second Degree Assault with a firearm. Our investigator located a witness the prosecution did not want to come to court and subpoenaed him to the trial. After his testimony completely contradicted the prosecution account of what happened, and supported our client’s account, the Jury returned a not guilty verdict after a very short deliberation.

Criminal Sexual Conduct – Not Guilty

By Ed Shaw Law / 2016 / Shaw Wins, Results, Criminal Sexual Conduct

State v. Anonymous

Client charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct concerning an incident that happened at a local restaurant. Defense investigation revealed that the accuser had a prior conviction for insurance fraud. This conviction was successfully used at trial, along with a photo reconstruction of the scene, which contradicted the accuser’s account of what happened. After a short deliberation, the jury returned a not guilty verdict.

Multiple Felonies

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Felony

State v. Anonymous,

Client charged with felony bounced check, motion to dismiss filed, case dismissed at hearing by Judge.

State v. Anonymous, client charged with 4 felonies and 3 misdemeanors in politically minded prosecution, despite the full effort of virtually an entire small city police department and city administration, 4 charges resolved by acquittals in three jury trials, remaining charges dismissed by prosecution after defense wins at trial.

Former Crosby mayor James Hunter, client of Edward Shaw, files complaint for defamation against members of Crosby police department.


Minnesota Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lakeland PBS interview

Star Tribune

Press Conference held Friday, September 20th

Brainerd Dispatch

All Charges Dismissed for James Hunter

Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter

We are pleased to announce the dismissal of the remaining two charges against James Hunter. All charges have been resolved by either acquittal or dismissal, bringing to an end over two years of struggle against politically motivated false accusations.

It is our hope that those responsible for abusing their authority and bringing these accusations against Mr. Hunter are held accountable for their actions.

(Update 5/18/2021) On behalf of Mr. Hunter, I am pleased to report that the Court of Appeals has allowed this matter to proceed. It has always been our goal to hold the individuals responsible for the wrongful prosecution of Mr. Hunter accountable. A free and democratic society depends on government and law enforcement being accountable to the citizens.

Attorney Shaw Secures Not Guilty Verdict

news hopper

Ed Shaw law is pleased to announce that on June 27, after a two and a half day jury trial, a Crow Wing County jury returned a not guilty verdict in the trial of James Hunter, after deliberating for less than one hour. Lead attorney Ed Shaw is grateful for the hard work put in by his staff, and that justice was done for Mr. Hunter.

*Please note: We protect our clients’ privacy. We do not disclose our clients’ names when recapping their cases, unless express permission is granted.