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Not Guilty Does Not Mean That It Is Over

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Firm News |

When someone is accused of a crime, the case goes to trial, the person is found not guilty or has the charges dismissed, that does mean that it is all over for them or that there are no consequences. Just being accused of a crime can cost you your job as employers do not have to wait until you are convicted in order to fire you. In some cases, you can be told to leave your rental property and you can also lose certain licenses. Even worse, if you are accused of a serious offense, or the case is high profile, the charges against you can be all over the media.

When there is a not guilty verdict the media usually does not run a big story about it to counter act the story they ran when you were arrested. Your previous employer does not have to take you back, your old landlord does not have to let you move back into your old place, and in some cases, you cannot even get back the license that was taken away from you. You are out the legal fees incurred to defend yourself and any other costs; even if you win, the state does not have to pay your legal fees or reimburse any of your other costs.

Being found not guilty sure beats being found guilty, but it is different from never having been charged with the crime, not even close.


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