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How Mediation Fits Into The Divorce Process

Finding a divorce settlement you and your spouse can agree on is rarely easy. It can become nearly impossible if you have complex assets such as a business, or disagree about child custody. Even with the help of a lawyer, you may not be able to come to an agreement out of court.

Does that mean your divorce settlement will be decided by a judge? Not necessary: You might still be able to reach an agreement out of court through the divorce mediation process.

In alternative dispute resolution or mediation processes, an independent third party helps people try to reach agreements outside of court. Courts often find mediators helpful in resolving disputes, and some Minnesota courts may even require divorcing spouses to find someone to mediate their dispute.

What Are Some Benefits To Mediation?

Divorcing spouses may be reluctant to pay a mediator for their services, but it can actually be much more cost-effective than taking a divorce case to trial. In addition, mediation is more likely to result in a settlement that is agreeable to both parties.

Learn More About Our Mediation Services

In addition to representing individuals in the divorce process, attorney Ed Shaw also serves as a family law mediator, working as a neutral third party for Minnesota couples and their attorneys. To learn more about our firm’s divorce mediation services, please call Ed Shaw Law at 218-825-7030 or contact us online. We have offices in Brainerd and St. Cloud and offer affordable, cost-effective services.