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by | Dec 18, 2023 | General Law |

Sometimes knowing a little can be worse than knowing nothing, that is absolutely true for the legal world. There are many tools available for us to find out a little about a lot of things, how to wire your house, medicine, and the law. In the legal world one can find on the internet information about most legal concepts. With Chat GPT you can even create legal documents. This seems like a great thing, we can do everything ourselves without hiring anyone.

The problem, what we get online is usually mostly correct, but almost never 100% right.  It is ironic that the information is most useful for those who are already experts in the field, electricians can look up diagrams for wiring, doctors can find information on unusual diseases, lawyers can research unique legal issues. If you already know the work, you can tell when what the computer has is wrong. If you are getting information about something you do not know about you will not know when it is wrong. If the info is 100% correct you are good to go, but that does not always happen. I have seen some pretty embarrassing incidents where someone used something they found online that was wrong and really got in trouble.

Bottom line, look things up online, do your research, but be careful, just because it is on the screen does not mean that it is true.



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