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How to stay safe and prevent DWI incidents during fall

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Drunk Driving Defense |

During the fall, impaired driving incidents can endanger motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Furthermore, events such as Halloween and football seasons can contribute to the frequency of DWI offenses.

Education and awareness can help highlight the dangers of DWIs during autumn, contributing to safer roads for everyone.

DWI rates

Driving while intoxicated can happen at time of year, but studies suggest more DWIs occur during fall than in spring or winter. Autumn is second to summer as the season with the highest rate of DWI fatalities. An analysis of NHTSA data projects 3,595 deaths linked to DWI incidents for fall 2023.

Football season

Although football season offers a time-honored way to celebrate with friends and family, it may also contribute to DWI rates in the fall. The camaraderie and festive atmosphere can entice people to drink too much during an exciting game or tailgating party. To enjoy football season safely, it is essential to have a plan in place. Friends who attend games together can designate one group member to remain sober. Drivers can also look into alternative transportation options like rideshare services.

Halloween festivities

Halloween can be a thrilling time of year with its costume parties and spooky events. However, it also presents an elevated risk for DWI-related accidents. Halloween parties often serve alcoholic drinks, and excess consumption may occur. In addition, Halloween is risky because families and young people are usually out trick-or-treating in costumes. Drivers should use headlights in the evening and take extra precautions around intersections and crosswalks where pedestrians might be.

Autumn brings distinct changes that can be challenging for drivers, including an elevated risk for DWI incidents. It is important to follow traffic laws and celebrate responsibly during the fall.


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