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Underage drinking convictions follow students past college

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Underage drinking is a serious issue in Minnesota, with numerous penalties in place to deter individuals from engaging in this harmful behavior. Events like the St. Cloud State hockey games and spring break encourage dangerous behavior amongst minors in college and high school.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, underage drinking has declined since 1991. However, it becomes much more likely for young people as they approach the age of 21. Continue reading for a closer look at Minnesota’s penalties for underage drinking.

Penalties increase for multiple convictions

It is against the law for anyone under 21 to purchase, possess or consume alcohol in Minnesota. Violating this law can result in various penalties, including fines, community service, alcohol education classes and even jail time. The severity of the punishment varies based on the circumstances of the case, with more severe penalties reserved for those with a history of alcohol-related offenses or who engage in particularly reckless behavior.

Youthful mistakes can have long-term consequences

A conviction for underage drinking can have long-lasting consequences, making it difficult for individuals to get jobs, obtain loans, or find housing in the future. Young people must understand the severity of the consequences of underage drinking and make responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption.

The penalties for underage drinking in Minnesota are severe and reflect the seriousness of this issue. With many citations issued each year and a significant percentage of high school and college students reporting current alcohol consumption, it requires continued efforts to address this problem. By enforcing the law, educating young people about the risks of underage drinking and promoting responsible alcohol use, minorities are less likely to suffer harm from underage drinking.


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