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Sacrifice- A Price Worth Paying

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Firm News |

This weekend my mother showed my kids her old WWII ration book, issued to her parents on her behalf as a young child.  At that time, to meet a national emergency, people were expected to make certain sacrifices, eat less meat, sugar, drive less, gas, and especially rubber were in short supply at times.

Now, we face another national emergency, one that is killing Americans at a faster pace than the Second World War.  We are again expected to make some personal sacrifices, forgo certain recreational activities, meet clients virtually instead of in person, wear masks when interacting with others.  This is no doubt an inconvenience, for my office staff, and my clients, the patience of everyone in getting through this is appreciated.  The inconvenience most of us suffer is nothing compared to what many of our fellow citizens are going through, those that have gotten sick, those whose jobs require them to risk exposure every day.  We should keep that in mind, as my mother and her family did in their day, knowing that others were paying a far higher price than they were.


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