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Custody after Relapse

By Ed Shaw Law / 2019 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous, client faced motion for change of custody after a relapse. Working together, attorney and client convinced Court that client was serious about sobriety and was allowed to retain custody of the children.


By Ed Shaw Law / 2017 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client faced well to do adversary with prominent position in community, and deep pockets. Client and attorney secured good custody and property division award, and, after the divorce was over, defeated two requests by other party to change custody.

Change of Custody

By Ed Shaw Law / 2018 / Shaw Wins, Results, Custody

Anonymous v. Anonymous

Client came to office looking to see his son, parents of mother were denying him all contact. After several months of hard work by client and attorney, an order awarding him custody was issued, and his son is doing very well with him.