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DUI More Expensive Than You Think

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Drunk Driving Defense |

When people think of getting convicted of DUI, drunk driving they think of the obvious costs, the fines paid to the court, fees paid to their attorney, and quite possibly their increased insurance costs. Those are major costs, but there are a lot of other costs that you may not know about. In almost every DUI conviction you will be on supervised probation, sometimes for several years. With that, there is a monthly supervision fee. If it is not the first DUI there will probably be alcohol test requirements, which each time you are required to test, you must pay for each test. If you want to drive while your license is suspended, you will need to get an ignition interlock system installed on your car, which again, there is an installation fee as well as a monthly fee, for a period of one year suspension; interlock fees will run into the thousands.

There are many reasons not to drive when you have had too much to drink; add to that list, that it is extremely expensive.


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