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Is summer vacation out of the question when you are on probation?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

When the weather gets warm and the kids are out of school, vacation plans provide a way to enjoy the summer season. If you deal with probation restrictions, there is a good chance of having some limitations on your plans.

To remain compliant with the terms of your probation, you ought to rethink traveling out of state when planning your vacation.

Violating probation terms

Minnesota terms of probation allow for unrestricted travel within the state although there are specific instructions that the defendant must request permission from a probation officer or the court to leave the judicial district. There is also the requirement of visitation at any time from a probation officer, and being unavailable for visitation without prior notice to a probation officer could raise concerns. Traveling outside of Minnesota would violate your probation terms, potentially leading to an arrest warrant and needing guidance through a court appearance.

Vacationing with peace of mind

Rather than jeopardize your probation, consider embarking on staycations to help entertain the family this summer. Staycations are a domestic form of tourism with individuals engaging in activities that are within close proximity of their homes. Visiting local museums, camping in the backyard or hiking at a nearby park are all options to pass the summer months without worrying about your probation. Be careful when dining out, as there are conditions related to the consumption of alcohol.

You can still enjoy a summer vacation with your family when on probation. Creative planning and speaking to your parole officer can provide plenty of entertaining options.


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