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No Problem, I Got Probation

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Words often said by someone who has gone through the criminal court system, and not received a jail or prison sentence.

While probation is certainly better than jail, or prison, it is not a cake walk. If you are on probation, you are subject to conditions. If you violate those conditions your probation officer can file a violation report. If you are on probation for a felony the report will include a pickup and hold request, which means that when approved by the judge it will become an arrest warrant, you will be picked up by the police, and held until court. In probation cases, unlike new criminal charges you have no right to bail, in a serious case you will probably not be released until the case is done, and, if you are found to be in violation by the judge, you have no right to a jury trial in a probation case, you will likely be shipped to prison.

Not all probation violations, even in felony cases, lead to jail or prison. Minor violations often do not, but there is always a risk, and repeated minor violations will highly likely land you in jail. Major violations will almost certainly lead to jail or prison.

Do not get me wrong, probation is always better than jail or prison. If you are on probation you need to take it seriously, know all of the rules and conditions, if you have any questions about them, ask your lawyer. Stay in touch with your probation officer, always return their calls, show up for meetings, if something comes up and you cannot make a meeting call them right away. If you are required to attend certain classes, show up for them. If you are required to not drink, stay away from any alcohol. The jails are filled with people being held on probation violations, do not become one of them.





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