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Month: March 2022

Support your local public defenders

Public defenders handle criminal cases for those accused of crimes who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. The majority of the accused cannot afford private counsel which means that most criminal court work is handled by our public defenders. Public defender...

OJ trial part 2, why did the jury find OJ not guilty?

I am one who respects the jury system. It is easy for someone to watch a thirty second soundbite on a case and think they know more about it than the jurors who listened to the entire trial. In the OJ case, we now know a lot more than the jury knew at the time of the...

What happens after your second DUI

If you have found yourself facing a DUI charge for a second time, you will have penalties that you will have to deal with. While you may think that you know what to expect since you have already had a DUI charge, there can be some differences. To make sure that you...

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