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Month: January 2022


Old saying, I think from a college football coach years ago. The term applies in a few criminal defense cases. It does not apply in most cases where someone is accused of a crime, and, they did what they are accused of, or, something close to it. There is a lot of...


Mediation, where a third party, the mediator tries to negotiate an agreement, is required in almost all divorce and custody cases. The mediator in divorce and custody cases is usually an attorney, but, they cannot represent either side or give either side legal advice...

Don’t take the rule of law for granted

This is a good time, a year after the assault on the capitol, to think of what the rule of law means to all of us. The system is far from perfect, I have seen judges, governors, legislators all make mistakes, and do things that I do not agree with, they are human....

You may be a landlord without knowing it

Many people become landlords without planning to, or even knowing it. If you let someone move into your house, even with no lease, and no rent being paid, they become tenants because they are living there. Minnesota law defines a tenant as anyone residing in a place,...

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