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Regardless of your situation, we have many appointment options available. Remote appointments are available for anyone. If you prefer a remote appointment, we are happy to assist you by telephone, zoom, skype, or any other online option that works for you.

Office appointments are available for anyone. Unvaccinated individuals coming into the office for an appointment, will be required to wear a mask.

Staff are wearing masks when outside of personal work space. If you would like an outside appointment, we are happy to accommodate. We are here for you and want you to be comfortable.

Inside appointments now available for all. Covid safety protocols are in place and all office staff are vaccinated.
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Safety Precaution Notice

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Firm News |

I would like to thank all of our clients and everyone at the office for allowing us to continue to operate the office safely, while meeting all of our client’s needs. Despite Covid levels in this area at their highest since the pandemic started, not one of our staff members, or anyone in their families have gotten Covid. None of our clients have been infected from contact with anyone at the office, though a couple have become infected from other sources, and thankfully made full recoveries. With minor accommodations we have been able to operate fully staffed and served all of our client’s needs without interruption. While we all wanted Covid to be over a long time ago, it is still with us, and, until the threat is gone, we will continue to operate safely while serving all of our clients. Video and phone appointments are available to all, for any reason, safety, or convenience. Electronic document signing programs allow clients to sign most documents remotely, they can sign with a couple clicks on their computer or phone. For documents that require original signature, we have safe and secure precaution options available. In person appointments are available for those who are vaccinated and for those who do come into the office, rest assured that all staff are vaccinated, will be wearing masks, the space is clean, sanitized, and well ventilated. My first responsibility is the safety of my staff, my clients, and their families. Rest assured that we will continue to get your work done while keeping you safe.

We will get through this together.



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