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Navigating the complexities of eviction

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | General Law |

The eviction moratorium may be over, but, there are lingering changes to Minnesota eviction law that have not yet phased out, and, even when the phaseout is complete, judges are likely to look at eviction differently than they used to. Pre-Covid, for landlords eviction was generally fairly straightforward, if the tenant was behind in rent, or had been given notice to vacate and had not left, you could go to court and have them evicted. Now, there are more notice requirements, and, in the common situations where someone is staying at a house in an informal arrangement, common when someone has a significant other move in with them, they are looked at as Tenancies at Will, with additional, more burdensome notice requirements than traditional tenancies where tenants pay rent to a conventional landlord. If you are a landlord or tenant looking at an eviction situation, it is a whole new world out there, tread carefully.


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