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3 possible hidden consequences to a DWI conviction

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Drunk Driving Defense |

Few things can ruin an otherwise fun night on the town faster than flashing lights in your rearview mirror. If you have a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit at the time of your stop, you may find yourself in handcuffs. Then, you may be vulnerable to a variety of legal consequences for driving while impaired.

While you may expect to pay a fine, lose your driving privileges or even serve a jail sentence for a DWI conviction, not all consequences are legal ones. Here are three possible hidden consequences you may face after a DWI arrest or conviction.

1. Employment difficulties

Nowadays, many employers conduct pre-employment background screenings. If you have a DWI on your record, an employer may refuse to hire you. This may be especially true if the job requires driving. Furthermore, depending on your field, a DWI conviction may make it more difficult for you to pursue professional licensure.

2. College problems

If you intend to attend a college or university, a DWI conviction may complicate your educational goals in a couple ways. First, you may lose private scholarship funds or stipends for violating a program’s code of conduct. You may also be ineligible to live in dormitory housing, forcing you to look for a more expensive apartment away from campus.

3. Insurance complications

Some automotive insurers simply refuse to provide insurance to individuals who have DWI convictions. Other companies charge a premium for coverage. Either way, your insurance rates are likely to increase after your DWI.

In the days and weeks after your DWI arrest, protecting yourself from its legal consequences may be your top priority. Nevertheless, because a DWI is likely to affect other parts of your life, mounting an aggressive defense may help you minimize the everyday consequences you have to face.


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