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The importance of getting your divorce issues resolved

| Mar 23, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce affects people in different ways, but it almost always causes stress. The idea of dividing up a shared life and continuing forward as a single parent may become overwhelming. 

Some people may rush through the divorce process thinking it will help them heal faster. While this may work, this hurried approach may lead back to the court system at some point. Concentrating on getting a divorce right the first go-round may prevent repeat stressors and legal costs in the future. 

Modifying financial agreements

When pushing through a divorce, a spouse may agree to payment terms that are not favorable. Spousal maintenance is something that a court may rule on should the couple meet the parameters. However, in divorce settlement discussions, the payee may either agree to less or forego it to make things end on a more positive note. Likewise, the payor may agree to a higher amount for a similar reason. Spousal maintenance may land a divorced couple back in court should the terms not wind up sustainable for one or the other. 

Changing the parenting plan

The reason divorced couples wind up back in court after a divorce order is often due to issues with their children. This may have to do with child support or the lack thereof or visitation. A couple may have reached a parenting plan agreement during the initial divorce that was lacking in terms or turns out not to work for them or the children. Taking the time during the initial divorce process to get a realistic parenting plan may keep the parties from returning to the courtroom. 

When going through a divorce, it is critical to take the time necessary to get it right. Returning to court is something that should only occur as a last resort. 

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