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What are the basics of wills in Minnesota?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Estate Planning |

2020 draws to a close and with it come a lot of lessons. It was a year of unexpected tragedy at global levels that reminds us how we ought to cherish the moments we have together and prepare for the worst while we can. The topic is grim, but what will you leave behind? How will you leave it behind to the people you love most?

These are hard questions, but starting with the basics may guide you towards the more complicated questions regarding your last will and testament.

Minnesota will basics

A will is a legal document you create that dictates your wishes after you die. According to the Minnesota Attorney General, a will is necessary if you want to leave specific property to friends, charities or other organizations. You do not require one, but if you die without your wishes dictated, the government divides your property during the probate process.

Basic will requirements

Wills are straightforward documents at their simplest. You must be 18, have written your wishes down, expressed your intention that the document act as your will and sign it along with two other witnesses. That is all you need for any document to act as a will, but writing down your wishes gets complicated the more you have to divide and who you want to divide it to.

Basic planning for the future

Though wills are easy to create with the right witnesses and signatures, it is important to get a will drafted up sooner than later. Estate planning may help identify your wishes, get them written down in a legally clear manner and secure what you earned for your loved ones the way you want it.


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