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On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Firm News |

The first day of school is exciting, and stressful even in normal times.  Now, in addition to worrying about new teachers and friends, parents have to also be concerned about keeping their kids and families safe from infection.  A new challenge, what do you do when you do not live with your child’s other parent, and the other parent is not doing what they need to keep your child safe.  The law does allow for parenting time, or custody to be changed if the actions of a parent endangers a child.  It is clear that the pandemic, which has killed almost 200 thousand Americans, is a serious threat.  If the other parent is not doing their best to keep your child safe at school, making sure that they follow school rules for safety and hygiene, wear their mask as directed at school, avoid situations outside of school with a high risk of exposure, you have a good argument to change custody or restrict their parenting time.  It is best for parents to work together to keep their kids safe, but, if the other parent is not doing their part, do not be shy about involving the Court to make it happen.


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