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On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Firm News |

Contrary to popular belief, the eviction moratorium does not mean that no evictions can happen.  From the beginning, evictions have been allowed for drug use/sales, and other illegal activity.  Over the last few months the moratorium has been loosened to allow evictions due to the tenant harming or threatening others, or, causing serious damage to property.  Landlords can also remove tenants if the landlord wants to move into the property.

If you are a tenant, do not assume that you can never be evicted, if you or your guests do certain things you can be.  If you are a landlord, you still cannot evict for just unpaid rent, but you can for illegal and destructive behavior.

Landlords and tenants have a common interest in keeping properties in good repair, preventing illegal and anti-social behavior, and working together.  IF they do that, no one will need to be evicted.


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