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On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | General Law

Due to the current pandemic, for the first time ever Minnesota courts are making widespread use of video court appearances. They are doing it to keep court staff, attorneys and clients save by reducing the number of people in courthouses. Video appearances also save time for clients, and money in legal fees as attorneys do not have to travel to court, they can video in from their office, or home if they are working from home.

If you have a video court appearance a couple things to be aware of. It is court, even if you are videoing in from your home, dress like you were going to court, if you would not wear your pajamas, or a tank top to court do not wear them for a video appearance. The Judge, and everyone else can see you, just like you were in court. Do not pick your nose, (or other body parts for that matter) make funny faces, or anything else you would not do in court, it usually does not help your case. For the most part, the rules for video court are the same for in person court, look and act professional, follow the lead of the judge, and your attorney, and you will be fine.

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