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Finding a good job with a criminal record

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

For many people in Minnesota, the experience of being arrested may give rise to many fears not just for the immediate moment but for what it may mean to their future. Relationships, school attendance, scholarships and jobs may all be impacted by a criminal charge.

However, people facing criminal charges or who have convictions on their records should know and believe in their ability to get a good job and move forward in a positive manner.

The employer view on background checks and criminal records

According to Monster, the results of a Charles Koch Institute and Society for Human Resource Management study found two out of three HR professionals and eight out of 10 hiring managers believe that job applicants with or without criminal records may offer equal opportunities to provide value to a position and a company. That should be a shining light to job seekers, even in light of the fact that most employers today do conduct background checks on candidates prior to finalizing a new hire.

Job selection relative to criminal charges

As explained by The Chronicle, people with a criminal past who look for a job may want to consciously select positions that would not be directly impacted by their prior criminal experiences. For example, a person may avoid applying for jobs that require driving if they were convicted of an impaired driving offense.

Proactive discussions with potential employers

At some point in the hiring process, a candidate may wish to tell the employer about their past experience. This need not be done when first applying but may be best done prior to the background check results being received.


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