With all that has been happening lately, it is easy to forget that life for the most part goes on, with some adjustments.  One part of life that has been going on is divorce and custody issues.  Over the last few months not only have divorce and custody cases gone on, I have seen an increase.  Tough times put a strain on relationships, the stress of schedule changes, job loss, financial troubles, child care struggles, combined with worrying about whether you, or someone you care about will get sick are enough to make a good marriage tough, and often finish off a marriage or relationship that is already struggling.  While some of us do not seem to be bothered too much by what is going on, these are very tough times for many.  I have worked with people who have lost their businesses, their life savings, the lives of loved ones, gotten sick themselves.  They do not know how long this will last, how much worse it will get.  On top of everything else they suddenly have to deal with the end of a marriage, or long term relationship, and figuring out where their kids will be living.  Family courts are open, while I cannot fix a relationship, I will do my best to take as much of the pain as possible out of the end of it.