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For the last year, thanks to the hard work of all of our staff, and you, our clients, no one who works at this office has gotten Covid while working here, and we have not spread a single case to any of our clients, while getting all of our client's legal needs taken care of. With the spread of vaccination the end is in sight, normal times where we can meet our clients in person in the office are just around the corner.

During the transition we will be having some in person, in office appointments for clients who have already been vaccinated, and for whom the CDC recommended period of time has passed since their last shot. Of course, for anyone who would prefer a phone or video appointment for safety, convenience, or any other reason those types of appointments are always available.

For our clients who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle phone and video appointments are of course available, and, with the return of warm weather we will again be offering outside appointments under the tent right outside our front door. For all appointments, masks will continue to be required.

Through the transition safety of all staff and clients will continue to be our top priority, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Please see our blog for more info on pandemic response.

It Is Not Rocket Science

| Jun 3, 2020 | Firm News

We have known for a long time how to avoid most police misconduct.  The officer who murdered a citizen in Minneapolis had a long history of anger and violence issues known to department leadership, yet they kept him on the force.

If anyone thinks this is only a big city problem, it is not.  Locally, The City of Crosby has an officer known for his volcanic temper and confrontations with citizens.  On two separate occasions, while off duty, this officer was intoxicated and involved in confrontations while he had his [department issued] weapon on him.  Being intoxicated while carrying a firearm in public in Minnesota is a crime, yet he was never charged in either incident.  Don’t get me wrong, Crosby has some very fine officers, but the Department, which has been the subject of several lawsuits concerning the conduct of its former Chief and former Lieutenant, is asking for trouble keeping this person on.  All of us, including the fine officers, who are the majority in law enforcement, will appreciate city leaders finally saying enough, holding the bad elements accountable, and getting rid of them.

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