Thankfully, our office has been able to stay open and fully serve all of our clients despite the worst disease outbreak in over a 100 years while keeping our staff and clients safe. Our state has not yet seen the worst of this disease. To continue staying safe, we will keep the doors closed. We have a drop box that clients use to pass documents, we can notarize for clients outside the window, we can make any needed copies, and of course can email all needed documents to our clients. All client appointments will continue to be by phone and video link. The courts remain open, we are continuing to file cases and represent clients at hearings held by phone or video.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. While these adjustments can be inconvenient, they have not in any way interfered with our ability to provide great client service. Keeping all of our staff and clients safe is well worth any inconvenience involved.

Take care and stay safe.