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On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Firm News |

It is tempting to think that the Coronavirus crisis is winding down, especially with talk of businesses re-opening and a return to normal.  Unfortunately, that is wishful thinking, the worst has yet to come for most of the country, including Minnesota.  The weekly death tolls keep rising, and will for several more weeks at least.  For some context, think of how many soldiers this country has lost in wars over the last few decades.  Think of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and September 11.  Then think of the first Gulf War, early 90s, the invasion of Panama in 1989.  Add in Vietnam, years of war, over 50 thousand Americans dead.  So far this year more Americans have been killed by this virus than every war this country has fought in since 1953, and every act of foreign terrorism, including September 11.  In less than 5 months we have racked up more dead than in 67 years of war and terrorism.  In a few more months, we will pass the total of all wars since 1945, including the Korean war.

What this means, we are not ‘there yet’ by any stretch.  We need to keep being careful.  My office has been, and will remain open, we are handling all of your legal needs.  We are doing that while also keeping you, our staff, and others safe.  There will continue to be no face to face meetings, we have a drop box for materials to be passed through, and we handle almost all of our work electronically.  Appointments are by phone, Skype, Zoom, or other electronic means.  Some of our staff work from home, those in the office on a given day keep their distance from each other, and wear masks when out of their personal offices.  We are able to take these precautions, and still get all of your legal work done.  We miss meeting you face to face, in person, but, we are all dealing with a deadly serious enemy, and we cannot let our guard down.


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