Many are wondering these days about what to do with contracts for events that will not happen, weddings, and similar events planned for this Spring and Summer.  Most contracts for weddings and other special events provide that any deposit is non refundable, meaning if you decide not to get married, or for any other reason not to hold the wedding at the place where you contracted to, you will not get your deposit back.  What happens when the wedding cannot happen because of events beyond your control, a disease epidemic, and government orders that weddings and similar large gatherings not happen?  I believe that you are entitled to get your deposit back as the place where you had planned to hold your event cannot do it for you.  In legal terms, that would appear to make the contract voidable, meaning that any money you paid towards the contract comes back to you.  This is new legal territory, what exactly happens will depend on how your contract is worded, and how judges interpret the situation.