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On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2020 | Firm News |

Most courthouses in Minnesota are either closed to the public, or, access is very limited.  Almost all hearings scheduled for the later part of March and most of April have been cancelled.  That struck me as odd, most court hearings are short, involve only argument from the lawyers handling the case.  They could easily be handled by telephone, why that was not done is a mystery to me.  Either way, even if they are not having hearings at your local courthouse, the system is still running, cases are being opened, documents are being filed.  If you have a legal issue that needs attention, and our national emergency is creating a lot of new legal issues out there, you do not have to wait to act on it.  I would expect that by the end of the month the legal system will have figured out how do to most of their business by telephone.


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