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Covid 19-Legal Industry Update and Impact (Moving services online or via telephone Mar. 23)

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Firm News |

Regardless of how the current national situation progresses, for the legal system, and for our clients, life goes on.  All of the regular legal challenges that we assist our clients with, including family court issues, divorce, custody, domestic abuse, criminal charges, bankruptcy, civil legal issues, wills, probates, they all go on.  In addition to all of those issues, our clients now face additional challenges due to job loss and the related inability to pay bills, changes in children’s school schedules, financial challenges faced by businesses hit by shutdown or lack of customers, and issues with housing.  To resolve those issues Minnesota and Federal Courts are continuing to operate.  They are changing how some hearings are handled; expect more telephone and video conferences, but, the legal system is still working.  Regardless of what happens, this office will continue to operate.  To protect our clients and employees, as of Monday, March 23 our office will be closed to all office visits/appointments.  Attorneys and staff will still be present, our client’s work will still be done.   Appointments will be by phone or Skype; for documents that need to be signed, payments that need to be dropped off, or any other materials that need to be delivered to the office, we have installed a two way drop box to allow for documents to be passed without in person contact.  For clients that need documents notarized, copies made, or would like to go over documents before signing, we can accommodate you.  Please rest assured, we will get your work done while keeping our staff and you safe.  We wish you and your family the best in these difficult times.



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