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For the last year, thanks to the hard work of all of our staff, and you, our clients, no one who works at this office has gotten Covid while working here, and we have not spread a single case to any of our clients, while getting all of our client's legal needs taken care of. With the spread of vaccination the end is in sight, normal times where we can meet our clients in person in the office are just around the corner.

During the transition we will be having some in person, in office appointments for clients who have already been vaccinated, and for whom the CDC recommended period of time has passed since their last shot. Of course, for anyone who would prefer a phone or video appointment for safety, convenience, or any other reason those types of appointments are always available.

For our clients who have not yet completed the vaccination cycle phone and video appointments are of course available, and, with the return of warm weather we will again be offering outside appointments under the tent right outside our front door. For all appointments, masks will continue to be required.

Through the transition safety of all staff and clients will continue to be our top priority, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Please see our blog for more info on pandemic response.


| Dec 2, 2019 | Uncategorized

Seems like two real dumb questions, we all know a motor vehicle is a car or truck, and driving is when we are going down the road in them. But, that old rule your teacher told you about there being no such thing as a dumb question is true here. State law defines motor vehicles differently than many of us do for purposes of the drunk driving laws. 

Snowmobiles, 4 wheelers and boats are considered vehicles by the law, you can get a DUI in one of them just as easily as in your car, even if you are not on a public road. When you hit the trail in this great new snow, be just as careful as you would in your car driving down the road, do not hit the beer hard until you get home. Most of you probably did not know that you do not have to be driving to get a DUI. You can be sitting in your vehicle, with the engine off, keys not even in the ignition, and get a DUI just as if you had been driving down the highway. The law considers ‘physical control’ the same as driving, physical control means being in control of a vehicle, even if it is not being driven. If you have had a few too many and need to sleep it off, do not do it in your car. Enjoy the winter and the holidays, but don’t let what should be simple fool you.

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