Minnesotans who are struggling under the weight of their debt may benefit by filing for personal bankruptcy protection. However, it is important for people to understand several things about personal bankruptcy before they file so that they might avoid making mistakes.

One common mistake that some people make when they file for bankruptcy protection is failing to declare all of their debts. If people leave debts off their schedules, those debts will not be discharged in their bankruptcies. This means that they will still be responsible for paying them. Prior to filing for bankruptcy, people should take the time to identify all of their debts so that they can properly list them.

Other common mistakes that many debtors make include failing to take the required pre-filing credit counseling course or failing to file all of the documents that go along with their bankruptcy petitions. These types of errors can result in the dismissal of their cases. Waiting to file for bankruptcy is another mistake that people sometimes make. When people file for bankruptcy, automatic stays are issued by the bankruptcy court that prohibit the creditors from continuing any further collection activities.

People who are considering filing for bankruptcy as a potential option to help them to get out from under the weight of their debts might want to talk to experienced bankruptcy lawyers. The attorneys may assist their clients with the process so that they are less likely to make mistakes that could potentially put an end to their cases. The lawyers might also help their clients determine the types of bankruptcy for which they might be eligible. By filing for bankruptcy, people may be able to secure a discharge of many of their unsecured debts so that they can enjoy fresh financial starts.