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March 2017 Archives

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

How often do we see a sensational news story, so and so arrested, charged with this or that heinous crime. We assume, how awful, how could they do such a thing, what a terrible person they must be. We forget that accusations are easy to make, all it takes is someone, usually from law enforcement, filing what is called s Statement of Probable Cause saying why they think someone committed a crime. If someone wants you arrested, it does not take much for them to make it happen.

Unmarried Fathers In Minnesota

In this day and age most people accept that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. While gender bias remains, there are fewer and fewer roles that are seen as being just for women or men. The days of men having a limited role in raising children are over for most of us. But, family court seems to be a holdover from the old days for unmarried fathers. Too often, unmarried dads in this area are treated like possible threats to their children, even when they have never committed a crime.

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